Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't Push Me Around!

 Teens who aren't the most popular at school get picked on. Get pushed around. But from a voice of experience, "Stand your ground!" I know everyone says. But they say it because it's true. And if you never stand up, they will never stop picking on you. You have to make it known that you are not someone who isn't going to stand up. You ARE. Try it, see what happens. I'm telling you, it works. And sometime's you have to stand up to them, again, and again, but you know what? Some day, they will see your playing games. That you mean it, and that you will not step down. Because if you back down, they know that if they just keep messing with you, you will freak and back down. So here's the answer: DON'T BACK DOWN! Stand your ground, make your voice be heard. And see the difference. God is in you, 'For if God is with me, who can stand against me?' That my friend's is a question you must ask yourself. Get out there and stand firm. And remember this, "Stand firm, stand strong for the Word of our God is a firm foundation so stand strong."

Christmas Is About Whom?

 You know, I was thinking of what I should write and I realized most teen's forget what Christmas really means. Even I was forgetting. :) It is about giving, and my Jesus. I am getting ready for a party and I was thinking of what it was about. Not gifts, nor St. Nick, but Jesus and His Unfailing Love.

Spending Time With Our King

 We should all spend time with the Lord. If we don't we will fall away from Him and soon not care about Him at all. I want all of you to get into your beds with a Bible and look up something about being with the Lord in the Bible. Then pray about it and thank the Lord for sending His Son.... then have a good night's sleep. Because we all forget to spend time, but when you get into a habit of spending time with Him every morning, you will have a good day. 

Apologetic Tip's:

 Hey-ho, to all you in the blog world. This post is about Apologetic Tips. I, myself, am actually very good at apologetic's. Not all of my family knows it, but my grandpa does. Here is a story:

 One day I was at my grandparents, I was sitting on the couch with my Grandpa (keep in mind this is just one of the many story's I have). I was telling him of a school that had mission trips to Mexico he said, "Mexico is dangerous." But I was firm that if I went to that school I would go. So I replied,"But how could I pass up an opportunity like that one?" He said, "You wouldn't be safe there." "But I would! The Bible says if we are doing the will of our Father He will protect us!" But again he said, "You wouldn't be safe." "If I put my trust in Him I am always safe." "You need more!" "What more do I need if I have a promise from my God, 'for if God is with me, who can stand against me.' I quoted that verse two more times when he said I would need more. And he stepped down. He knew that if I ever got that opportunity I would not pass it up. And many more times have I won battles against my grandpa when it came to Christ in me. So here are your tips:

1. Always stand firm in your belief in Christ.
2. 'Put your faith in Him and He will make your path strait.' Meaning if you put your faith in Him, you will always win the battle. 
3. Quote the Word. Without the Word (Bible) you won't win. 
4. But the most important thing is being Spirit led.

 If you keep those in mind, you can defeat any apologetic's battle. And you especially win in the hearts of many watchers. So I hope to see you out there some day. Winning the hearts of many. :) 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Brothers Birthday... (cont.)

 My brother went to his favorite place to eat. Where my grandparents gave him the new Spy Watch with a camera... then the ultimate gift... an ipod-touch. He was stoked. He is a tween now, and he and I play games with each other as we verse.... Anywho, thanks for reading this, and don't forget to vote... 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Brothers First Gift

For my brothers first birthday gift he got My Sims Agent... it is actually very fun. And my mom laughs every time she hears them talk. Because they talk jibber jabber.. :) 


Merry Christmas, 

   Nicole =D


In my opinion instead of talking about the worldly singers like say: Hannah Montanah, Salena Gomez, Demi Lovato, etc. Talk about our bands like: Hawk Nelson (LUV crazy love), The Wreckage, Skillet, Manic Drive, Tenth Ave. North, Superchick, Press Play, Adio Adrenalin, Barlow Girl, Lifehouse, Kutless, Revive, Fireflight... (i wrote most of the bands that i luv! :)) Music makes a difference. It is a scientific fact that teens know more than 200 songs but can barely quote 1 spelling list. So music is very powerful, that is why we should listen to Christian Bands. Because if people who watch what you do, because your a Christian, and they see you listening to the bands they listen to they will think they aren't doing anything wrong and that they are doing what a Christian does. So, why should they even consider being a Christian if they listen to the same things a real Christian does? Now that is a question you should really ask yourself and think of an answer... Which is the answer? They shouldn't.... Just think about it, and if you are listening to non-Christian music, change it to Air1 (89.3 so you can listen to Newsboys Jingle Bell Rock :) And do think about it....


Christian teens should be leading more and more other teens to Christ. Saving others and giving them a new experience with Christ in their lives. Most teens who are not saved feel rejected and worthless, so they run to others to fill an empty gap in their lives. When really they still feel more and more lost... which leads them to lives they don't want. Which makes them think they can't go to Jesus because He could never forgive them, when in truth He already has. They just need to realize that and accept Him as Savior. If they don't they just keep living without Him, and soon they forget about trying to be good for Jesus and they forget about Christ, Christians, and everything. We need to get to them now, so they can have a good future. They just like say, Muslim's are in bondage. They are living in fear. But what does God's Word say, "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but the power of love, strength, and a sound mind." So we need to show others that we live by that, and that is why we are not afraid. Because, "If my God is for me who can stand against me?" So again, lets go and show the world we are the next Christian generation.... 

A teens Christmas:

Hey all, I am going to put a poll up for what you would want more: a Mac book Air, iPhone, or a regular cell phone

Please vote, I would like to hear your opinions...

My Brothers Birthday...

 Today is my brothers birthday. He is now an official tween. (the age before you become a teen) I have to go now, but I will write more about his birthday later...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1 Samuel 25:6

1 Sam. 25:6 says: 'Life and peace to you. Peace to your household, and to everyone here.' As I prayed that in Starbucks I saw people fade away. Both couples.... everyone. Now it is as quiet as can be. People moving in and out of the tiny cafe. Seats and tables empty, it makes this cafe look really nice and very peaceful when you are on looking up Bible verses and praying silently to the Lord. You know as I was listening to the Christmas Songs playing in the background I thought of how pretty snow must look like on Christmas morning when some people wake up. I live where no snow can even get to me. It snowed once many, many years before I was born. Peace is on my mind. I can just sit and think, without any distractions. Now, that is true peace :)... Haha, my little brothers birthday is tomorrow... I would write what he is getting, but I wouldn't want him to slip on the computer and see.... I will write about it after he has it. :)

Life In A Rush

Hey Blogger world. :) In am sitting in a Starbucks just watching all the people. They all just look like they are in a rush. I know even in a Starbucks people look in a rush. But mostly only the people who are taking their coffee or snack To-Go. Everyone else just looks incomplete. Like they do not have God. It makes my heart break to see them this way. I see a teenage girl with her boyfriend. And they are not Christians I can tell you that much. I see another teenage couple doing homework. They aren't Christians either. About no one I see is are Christians... Almost everyone here are boyfriend and girlfriend. Makes my heart break.... they are trying to fulfill the empty gap that only God can fill. Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against dating, out of Christianity I do. Because you are trying to fill an empty gap in your heart. Anyways, i have to go.... I'll write more.... :)

Teen's Are Not Hidden Elements In The World

 Teens are not hidden elements in the world. We are the next generation. We are the people of our countries next generation. We can make a difference in our High Schools and our Middle Schools. We are us, we need to speak to our schools and show them the way of Christ. If we don't our generation will not be a good one. We must be an example. So let's get out there and make THE difference.