Saturday, December 18, 2010

Apologetic Tip's:

 Hey-ho, to all you in the blog world. This post is about Apologetic Tips. I, myself, am actually very good at apologetic's. Not all of my family knows it, but my grandpa does. Here is a story:

 One day I was at my grandparents, I was sitting on the couch with my Grandpa (keep in mind this is just one of the many story's I have). I was telling him of a school that had mission trips to Mexico he said, "Mexico is dangerous." But I was firm that if I went to that school I would go. So I replied,"But how could I pass up an opportunity like that one?" He said, "You wouldn't be safe there." "But I would! The Bible says if we are doing the will of our Father He will protect us!" But again he said, "You wouldn't be safe." "If I put my trust in Him I am always safe." "You need more!" "What more do I need if I have a promise from my God, 'for if God is with me, who can stand against me.' I quoted that verse two more times when he said I would need more. And he stepped down. He knew that if I ever got that opportunity I would not pass it up. And many more times have I won battles against my grandpa when it came to Christ in me. So here are your tips:

1. Always stand firm in your belief in Christ.
2. 'Put your faith in Him and He will make your path strait.' Meaning if you put your faith in Him, you will always win the battle. 
3. Quote the Word. Without the Word (Bible) you won't win. 
4. But the most important thing is being Spirit led.

 If you keep those in mind, you can defeat any apologetic's battle. And you especially win in the hearts of many watchers. So I hope to see you out there some day. Winning the hearts of many. :) 

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