Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Living Out Your Faith

Most people don't know how to live out their faith. We have to shine the light of Christ everywhere we go. People see Jesus in us by how we act. If people know we are Christians, but see us curse and disrespect others, then they will not see what Christianity is all about. We are to be an example to others, but what kind of example are we setting when we are acting just like the rest of this sinful world? I strive to do live for Christ everyday, but because of my sin, I often fail. But I am trying and not trying alone. Each morning my family prays on the way to school/work. When it is my turn to pray, I almost always end my prayer asking for help to shine as a light for Him. I need God's help to get me through the day with a good attitude and even though I have bad days, I am trying to walk more like Christ in living out my faith!

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