Thursday, July 28, 2011


Did you know that old songs like I Exalt Thee, Where You Go I Go, and songs like that, can be the most powerful worship songs EVER! I'm serious! There is no greater way to worship him than bye looking at the words of the songs and singing them and believing them and meaning what you are saying! Worship isn't just standing in church staring at the lyrics and singing words to get through them. It's raising your arms, closing your eyes, and MEANING what you say! It's loving on Jesus by singing words, and meaning them! So I dare you, to press into worship at church Sunday. Close your eyes and concentrate on the King, raise your arms in act of surrender to the King, and lift up grateful voices to heaven! Praise his HOLY HOLY name!!!!!!!!!!! Bring him glory even if your the only one, because pretty soon you won't be! If you press into worship, others around you will too. :) So complete this dare! Complete it and continue to do it! Because who other than Jesus deserves all the praise we can give?


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