Tuesday, July 26, 2011

God Honors Your Actions (the good ones)

Did you know that when you are honest with God he honors that? When you are angry and you tell him that, and tell him why. He honors that? Because you told him the truth and you trusted him enough to just come right out and tell him! You didn't pretend to be sweet to him when you were burning up with anger inside! Also, if you tell him that you are really wanting something he honors that too? Why? Because you took your requests to HIM. Not to your parents, or your friends, or grandparents or anyone! But you took them to him! He honors you when you do things like that. So this week, let's try and tell him everything! And know that he isn't going to get mad at us for yelling when we are praying to him. Because he knows we are human! AND he wants you to do that! He wants you to trust him enough to know that he isn't going to send lightning down and kill us if we yell at him! Now, I'm not saying you can start cussing and yelling AT Jesus!!! I'm saying you can get angry but NOT SIN! The Bible says, 'Be angry, but do not sin.' Soooo, it IS okay to get angry when you are explaining what happened, to God. God wants you to be honest with Him. And he wants you to bring everything to him. So try that this week. :) Bring him everything, and tell him everything.

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