Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unfailing Love

We, as Christians, know that Jesus loves us and His Love is unfailing… but what about the people that have never heard of the ‘Unfailing Love’. What about them? Christians get too comfortable leaning on Jesus when they need help, or when things go wrong, they always stay in the same church. Never do anything, just the outreaches your church might HAPPEN to have. We NEED to get out there and preach of this ‘Unfailing Love’! But we don’t!!!! IT’S OUR JOB IN THE BODY OF CHRIST TO GET OUT THERE AND TELL OTHERS ABOUT JESUS! And we can’t act like we are better than them because they don’t believe in the Christ. We need to show them the Love Jesus showed us on that cross! We need to show them the peace we have from His Presence!!! Because they don’t know anything about Christianity until we tell them. It’s our duty, not the missionary’s!!!! There job is to preach in foreign countries! Ours is to preach in our local community!!! To reach out to others, to show them the ‘Unfailing Love’ we found in CHRIST JESUS!!! Are we really gonna stand by, and not show others the ‘Unfailing Love’ Christ gave us?

Treasure's In The Eyes of Christ

Too many people are self conscious about themselves. When really God made them, and that’s all there is to it. If God has made you, what is wrong with the way you are? If God is perfect, He will NEVER EVER mess up! So how could he mess up on you? Truth is, he DIDN’T!!! So don’t be self-conscious about yourself! Your perfect the way you are! Perfection is what made you, perfection is what you are, Perfection is living inside you! So why are we still self-conscious? We need to show those who are self-conscious that they are TREASURES in the eyes of Christ. We need to Love them like God loves us… L.L.J.D. (Love like Jesus Does)

Tilly Ocean

Future, Plans... Timing

Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about my future. What plans God has for me. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just too often I find myself wanting this time to be over and wanting to be in the future. But really we need to focus on what is happening now. If we don’t we’ll miss the moment. We were born for such a time as this! God has a future, and a plan for us. But he also has a TIMING for all of those plans. Because somehow they tie into another persons life. If I had just skipped all of my elementary school years, I wouldn’t have sowed into a certain persons life. Like I do all the time. I have friends on Facebook that I sow into by talking to them. By reading their posts and knowing about their lifes. So when I do see them, I know how they are. And if they are in need I can help them! See how we need to focus on the moment we are in. If we don’t we will miss so many happy memories. And memories are important. So live in the NOW, yes?

Tilly Ocean

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 21... The Rapture?

Well, it is officially May 22 and we are all still here. Obviously May 21, 2011, was not the end of the world.

Some have known all along that today would still come, but others were easily led astray. Those are the people that need God the most right now. Some of Herald Camping's followers gave up everything. They sold their houses, wasted their bank accounts, left the church, and now have know one to turn to. They are afraid. Now is when we need to share the Word of God. Matthew 24:36 says: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." This is a clear answer to any who doubt, and will love, we must reveal this to them.

Because so many people are in a serious state of confusion, devastation and just plain feeling lost right now, we must do something. So, here at Teens Making Godly World Changes, we will answer any questions you have. Email us at tmgwcblog@gmail.com and we can help with any problems you might face during this time of world confusion.