Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unfailing Love

We, as Christians, know that Jesus loves us and His Love is unfailing… but what about the people that have never heard of the ‘Unfailing Love’. What about them? Christians get too comfortable leaning on Jesus when they need help, or when things go wrong, they always stay in the same church. Never do anything, just the outreaches your church might HAPPEN to have. We NEED to get out there and preach of this ‘Unfailing Love’! But we don’t!!!! IT’S OUR JOB IN THE BODY OF CHRIST TO GET OUT THERE AND TELL OTHERS ABOUT JESUS! And we can’t act like we are better than them because they don’t believe in the Christ. We need to show them the Love Jesus showed us on that cross! We need to show them the peace we have from His Presence!!! Because they don’t know anything about Christianity until we tell them. It’s our duty, not the missionary’s!!!! There job is to preach in foreign countries! Ours is to preach in our local community!!! To reach out to others, to show them the ‘Unfailing Love’ we found in CHRIST JESUS!!! Are we really gonna stand by, and not show others the ‘Unfailing Love’ Christ gave us?

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