Friday, December 24, 2010

Tilly's Christmas Traditions:

 Aria you are so right! We all need our own traditions, here is what my family and I do every Christmas :):

1) My siblings and I wake up and look at open our stockings
2) We run and look at all the presents under the tree as we scream 'LOOK HOW BIG MINE IS!' (lol)
3) Then we wake up the mom and dad who have already been up for ages but still lay in their beds :)
4) When they come into the living room they get coffee and let us open the gifts (dad does mom sits on the couch in 'HER' spot lol)
5) We play around with our gifts....

 Now we also do the Christmas Story but that slips in somewhere in the day. :) We NEVER forget to read it. Now of course that isn't my entire day. If I told you my entire day you would be reading the blog for a week! But my siblings and I always wake up at the same time (somehow! lol) and spend time with each other before we get our parents! It really isn't something people call tradition but it is for us!

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