Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life In A Rush

Hey Blogger world. :) In am sitting in a Starbucks just watching all the people. They all just look like they are in a rush. I know even in a Starbucks people look in a rush. But mostly only the people who are taking their coffee or snack To-Go. Everyone else just looks incomplete. Like they do not have God. It makes my heart break to see them this way. I see a teenage girl with her boyfriend. And they are not Christians I can tell you that much. I see another teenage couple doing homework. They aren't Christians either. About no one I see is are Christians... Almost everyone here are boyfriend and girlfriend. Makes my heart break.... they are trying to fulfill the empty gap that only God can fill. Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against dating, out of Christianity I do. Because you are trying to fill an empty gap in your heart. Anyways, i have to go.... I'll write more.... :)

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