Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1 Samuel 25:6

1 Sam. 25:6 says: 'Life and peace to you. Peace to your household, and to everyone here.' As I prayed that in Starbucks I saw people fade away. Both couples.... everyone. Now it is as quiet as can be. People moving in and out of the tiny cafe. Seats and tables empty, it makes this cafe look really nice and very peaceful when you are on www.youversion.com looking up Bible verses and praying silently to the Lord. You know as I was listening to the Christmas Songs playing in the background I thought of how pretty snow must look like on Christmas morning when some people wake up. I live where no snow can even get to me. It snowed once many, many years before I was born. Peace is on my mind. I can just sit and think, without any distractions. Now, that is true peace :)... Haha, my little brothers birthday is tomorrow... I would write what he is getting, but I wouldn't want him to slip on the computer and see.... I will write about it after he has it. :)

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