Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Slack

Okay, so it's summer!!! Whoo! Nothing to do all day! Wait... that's a problem. If there's nothing to do all day your going to forget about reading your Bible or talking to God on a regular basis! Yep, that's a problem all right. So what are we going to do about it? Wellllll, I was thinking we could have a sort of Online study of the Bible together! Not where we literally talk to each other, but I will post certain things, and Aria will as well, and you can do a study on a fact we post or a word... or even a saying! You can do a study in the Bible and email us about what you learned by reading HIS Word! Tell us about the word, fact, saying, or WHATEVER! I thought it would be kind of fun.... Sooooo starting next Sunday, Aria and I will put a certain saying or word on our new page: SUMMER STUDY so this summer we can read His Word and talk to Him on a regular basis. So keep your eyes peeled on Sunday!!! :)


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