Friday, February 25, 2011

Ways to Worship

Praising God is important for Christians today. It is a way to stay connected with God and other Christians. We all come together to worship our King. This is a good way to help uphold you personal relationship with Him. Some people though, have a hard time finding ways to worship, so I made a list:

1. Pray. Prayer is worship because you are talking to God which shows your relationship.

2. Bible Reading. Reading the Word of God connects you with His plan for your life and can give you hope and assurance in times when you doubt.

3. Sing. God loves to hear you sing praises to Him ans shout His name. It is like saying "I appreciate and love you" to the Lord.

4. Dance or Play Instruments. God gives everyone talents and He wants you to use them for His glory.

5. Write or do Art. This is another way to express your love for Him.

6. Kindness. Acting kindly toward others, even when it is hard, brings a smile to our Lord's face.

7. Share. Share the Word of God. This is great because the more saved, the better.

Now no one has an excuse to not worship.

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