Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Have you ever had something happen to you and had a friend say, "Wow, you had good luck!" Well, everything that happens, to you and everyone else, is from God. Nothing happens by chance, everything is from His plan. i have heard it said that if you believe in luck so strong that can do something with a slim chance of happening, you might as well just believe that God did it. So many people say that their was this really strong luck that did something unbelievable that is very rare. But, wouldn't it just be easier to say that God did it. I do not believe in luck because I believe that God can do anything, so why would we even need luck. If God can and does everything that happens, then why even bother to say that it was by chance!
Remember, when you think you are lucky, think again and know that you are blessed, not lucky.

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