Friday, January 21, 2011

Psalm 7:2

These verses totally go with our lives.... its like this,
without God we would so be dead. He is what gives us
strength. He protects us. For without Him we can do
nothing. How I love him so..."He gives me breath in the
morning, afternoon, and evening. He gives my heart the
beat that I feel in my chest as I run, chasing after Him..."
Like I said, I love Him for he gives me air to breathe and a beat for my tiny little thing we call heart. I also love Him because He loves me and gave me a second chance to Him.... Now, that is unfailing love... I mean think about it..... He gives us a tiny heart... I wonder how big His is... The awesome thing about His heart, and everyone's in heaven is that their hearts never fail to support them, some people die because of heart failure. " A Heart that never fails...." thats what I want, :) wouldn't that be, like, the BEST?! :)

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